Mineral Management

WOuldn’t it be nice to have an expert keeping track of things for you?

Allow our team to oversee your oil and gas asset for you, utilizing our proprietary software called MineralTracker. Our mineral managers are petroleum engineers, and certified mineral managers, with extensive industry experience. Our fees are not based on how much money you make; instead, we offer common sense pricing based on the number of wells in your portfolio.

Mineral Management Service Offerings:

  • Partner: On demand industry experts to discuss situations as they arise

  • Organize: MineralTracker will keep your asset in order, including document storage

  • Audit: Monthly revenue statements and division orders

  • Review: Oil & gas leases and letters received from oil companies

  • Liaison: Allow us to help you with corresponding with oil and gas companies

Mineral Appraisal

What is my mineral asset worth?

We will utilize best practices in petroleum reservoir engineering to perform Decline Curve Analysis on your wells to estimate the remaining value of those active wells, along with explaining the potential of future activity specific to the geology and region of your mineral, royalty, and/or working interest.


Interested in Selling your mineral rights but not sure who to talk to?

Whether you are simply wanting an independent valuation (to compare with the letters you are receiving in the mail from mineral buyers), or you would like to sell your mineral rights, we have a solution for you. Our team of petroleum engineers has a strong pulse on the market, is well connected in the industry, and represents solely the mineral owner. If you are thinking about selling your mineral rights, come see us first, to ensure you receive the highest value possible.

Specialty Services*

Do you have a specific question or concern we can help to address?

It is common for individuals and families to have specific questions related to their mineral interests and royalty income. Utilize our team of experts for answers to those questions. Some examples of specialty services we are performing on a regular basis are listed below.

Specialty Service Offerings:

  • Single Owner Searches: Run title on your mineral interests back to patent to confirm proper decimal interest ownership

  • Year-End Report: Schedule your year-end summary which compiles historical and forward-looking information to help with current year and future tax planning

    • 1099 Report: Compare your yearly 1099 statements with the net royalty income calculated by MineralTracker

    • Quarterly Tax Planning: Receive an estimation of future quarterly revenue using the MineralTracker projections feature

*Requires an active MineralTracker account

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